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At least people got creative so they didn’t have to get up to control the TV.

Have you ever wondered how remote controls came to existence?

Remember when people had to get up every time they wanted to change the channel they were watching, because the corresponding buttons where on the physical TV?

The Lazy Bones, as depicted in this picture advertisement came with a long wire, which was not favored by the customers.

All of this came to an end in 1950. The first remote control was invented by the Zenith Radio Corporation. It was named “The Lazy Bones”. The Lazy Bones used a long and chunky cable which was connected to the TV. It included buttons which turned the TV on and off. It could change the channels by making the viewers rotate the tuner inside the remote clockwise or counterclockwise.

This product was a failure for many reasons. One of the many things that people seemed to complain about, was the fact that the wires, which connected the TV and remote to one another, would cause family members to constantly trip over them, hurting themselves. Another problem was that it would not work during the afternoon. This challenge was a result of the sunlight, since the light would somehow change the channels by itself, according to customers. This became a great barrier between the viewers and their love for the new product. The challenges were just not worth it.

The Lazy Bones was advertised in newspaper articles, on television and spread throughout the world for it’s name.

Just like any new product in town, The Lazy Bones, was shot into the world of commercials. The Zenith Radio Production was already very famous, which allowed them to release their product into the world with no real trouble. The commercials were calling it “the greatest aid to relaxation and comfort that’s ever happened to television.” The people who invented the product referred to it as “the lazy man’s approach.” The Lazy Bones has been known to us for over six decades, it is the remote control that still symbolizes the idea of a remote control, which is to relax and still enjoy your television.

But seriously, the kids became the remote controls of the family before the real stuff was invented.