Reflection Week 3

What did you struggled with today?

At first, I struggled with letting my mind wander enough to come up with intriguing, provoking questions. The first 10 martian questions were tough to produce, yet as the exercise went on, I found myself more comfortable, asking goofy questions and introspective ones alike.

The beginning of the interview also felt hard for me, but again, time helped me settle into the role. Jenna is super cool and was a great interview partner, and she really made the interview seem more informal and casual.

How did you make progress?

I stopped thinking so hard and let my thoughts flow for once. This semester, I’m really trying to let myself open up in the classroom, and I definitely felt myself doing this during the interview, but even the martian exercise felt like progress to me. Despite being a creative writing major, I hate when anyone reads anything I write, which apparently also includes questions, but I still stuck my Qs up on the wall (God bless anonymity) and put myself out there in that way.

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