Reflection Week 4

What did you struggle with today?

I struggled with A LOT today. I barely slept, was almost late to my first class, spilled lemonade on myself, got an impressive amount of ink on the back of my shorts….

Oh, is this supposed to be about ADPR specifically? Oops.

My ADPR struggles were not nearly as aggravating as my good ol’ every day life struggles. Today, I struggled most with the organization and structure of my piece. After getting some feedback about rearranging the sequence of the story, I found it a little more difficult to find the same verbal flow I had before, when I was writing chronologically.

How did you make progress?

I wasn’t afraid to play with my piece. Okay, I was, but it got easier as I went along. I eventually did find a way to restructure my piece so that it felt a little more unique, and I’m happy with how it turned out. It’s important to be brave enough to cut and rearrange and rethink writing, and I definitely improved on that today. I’m also getting more comfortable talking to strangers and putting myself out there, which is obviously important.

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