My top 5 websites to find Front end snippets, get inspiration and build your code demos online.

Anna Jimenez
Feb 1 · 2 min read

You can save a lot of time by finding free coding snippets online. You can also get inspired and build something yours without spending time setting up environment. Sometimes you just need to get idea from somewhere first to develop something new.

Here is my list of the best websites I use to get example of everything from simple drop down to fancy 3d web apps :

  1. CodeSandbox

I’m very obsessed with sandbox! It is an online editor that allows developers to focus on writing code while it handles all the necessary background processes and configurations.

It is an instant IDE and prototyping tool for rapid web development.There are a lot of sharing code demos that contain back-end components. You can start creating React, Angular, Vue apps within a seconds by using pre-built templates.


example of my codepen

It is a free online IDE that also works as a library showcasing cool dev projects made by developers worldwide.They also have monthly challenges.It is like a social media for front end developers.You can find some mind blowing projects here.You can download or fork it.

3. Codeply

The best feature of codeply that it is not only provided you examples of code snippets but you also can test it with different screen widths and standard viewports. It includes a lot of responsive frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize, Pure CSS, Skeleton, Semantic can all be referenced simply.

4. Bootsnipp

Bootstrap is one of the most useful css frameworks and bootsnipp contains a lot of custom projects built on Bootstrap. This is one of the places to go if you work with bootstrap a lot.

5. CSSDeck

I discovered it recently. One very cool feature I discovered is that CSSDeck offers the ability to record your coding for others to review later on. They call them codecasts!

That’s all for today! If you like what you read be sure to 👏 it below — as a beginner writer it means the world to me.

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