Let’s face it, we don’t all look good on camera or have natural acting abilities. Meanwhile, cartoons are in our childhood DNA, they grab our attention and that’s why animated explainer videos can increase sales up to 60%. We’ll show you 5 simple and powerful animated explainer tools to create your landing page video.

‘Amazing videos and presentations created with PowToon!’

PowToon is an animated video maker for training and educational purposes.

It allows you to pick between Explainer Video, Infographics, Presentation, Corporate Video, Social and Video Ads.

This application is very user friendly with a simple interface and support tutorials.

Share your presentations…

Even when a customer needs your tool, some of them still don’t use it and eventually they churn. It’s because they don’t understand how to use it despite your great user interface. We’ll show you 5 user onboarding tools that help you walk a customer through your site without needing to code.

Walk through tools sit on top of your website to guide customers step by step when they first sign up.

They’re often pop ups like the image below that tell you where to click and what that feature does.

First impressions count for everything! The need for effective UX Onboarding is essential for your companies reputation and growth. In this roundup you will learn valuable advice from companies that have tried and tested different approaches to achieve the best UX.

Prodpad began with halving their trial period to 14 days — this doubled their conversion rate.

Then they had a new idea….

‘’So what if we offered 7-day trial…but the more you use ProdPad, the longer your trial becomes?’’

In doing this they found that by the end of the…

Client onboarding can be challenging, time consuming, costly and you are never guaranteed success. After reading this article you’ll know of some of the smartest onboarding strategies out there including how to help customers see it as a single process and giving them the anywhere and anytime access they want.

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Did you know that only 14% of users stay on a site after one day of trialing and 2.7% after one week?

So how do you ensure your clients…

Building relationships with journalists is a must in promoting your product, it is essential to have a strategy in place. Learn how to be effective in your PR plan with this guide to SaaS PR. …

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