Flag.io — Empowering Small Business Owners to Take Control of Their Local SEO Efforts at the Ease of a Click

Small business owners are getting more and more on board the digital marketing bandwagon but are still struggling to prioritise which channels and tactics to focus on. The choices are vast, ranging from social media, paid advertising and PR to content marketing, SEO and much more. Often, it makes sense for companies to outsource time intensive digital marketing activities such as content marketing to be able to stay focused on other critical areas of the business. However, other aspects can easily be done in-house, with the help of widely available automation tools for small businesses. Some of our favourites are:

Hootsuite: Social media automation tool

InTouch: Email, marketing campaign automation, customer management, lead capture webforms, survey tools, and social media management — all in one platform

Spokal: Inbound marketing tool for small businesses

5minutesite.com: Local keyword generator

GetFiveStars: Review collecting tool for local businesses

In general, we believe that an area with significant potential for improvement is local SEO. While a couple of local SEO tools entered the market during the last few years (such as the above mentioned 5minutesite and GetFiveStart), there’s still significant room for improvement.

Why Local SEO for Small Businesses?

Local SEO (if done correctly) has quickly become one of the most effective strategies for offline businesses to gain an edge over their competitors. 64% of local customers use online search engines and directories as their main way to find local companies, 50% of consumers visit a store within a day of their local search and 18% complete a sale. Clearly, local SEO efforts can have a significant effect on a company’s bottom line!

Introducing Flag.io

This week, we’ve launched Flag.io, a directory management tool store owners can use to manage their company listings across 100+ search directories through one easy to use platform. In short, it allows businesses to take ownership of a crucial part of their local SEO efforts.

Source: http://free.businesxxl.com/free-business-directory-icons/

Long-Term Value for Small Businesses Rather Than Short Term Fixes

At Flag.io, we are a team of serial entrepreneurs with a background in digital marketing. Frustrated by the shortcomings of existing directory management solutions, we decided to build our own one that provides long term value to small business owners. While features such as instant submission, centralised listings management and analytics are also available in competing products, most of them have two major downsides:

  • Duplication of listings is not detected, harming a company’s SEO rather than boosting it
  • No ownership of listings, meaning that business owners lose their local listings upon cancellation of their subscription

We are determined to offer maximum value to small business owners and allow them to take full ownership of their listings in the long-run. Rather than tying them to us by threatening them with a deletion of all their listings upon cancelling their subscription, we aim to provide them with sustainable long-term value.

Flag.io is currently available in the US only and covers a wide range of industries. In a next step, we will develop highly targeted industry specific listing options and expand into more geographic markets to bring our platform to brick and mortar business owners around the world. .

What we can help small business owners with:

  • Save time: Publish and manage company listings across 100+ search directories through one easy to use platform.
  • Keep ownership of listings: Upon cancellation of a subscription with Flag.io, users will be able to keep ownership of their listings.
  • Identify duplicates: Flag.io identifies duplicated listings in real time and works directly with publishers to ensure the suppression of duplications.
  • Increase online visibility: Create a ‘Super Listing’, including rich content such as photos, product descriptions, opening hours, staff bios, payment methods, menus, etc. and attract up to 416% more views than listings without rich content.

Launch Details

  • Date : Monday, 25th July 2016
  • Price : $49 / month
  • Website : http://flag.io

We’d love to get some feedback on what you think about our new platform and what features you would like to see us build. Please let us know in the comments :)