Personalization Talks #6 with Eric Melchor

Eric Melchor, Head of Partnerships at OptiMonk, talks about why personalization is necessary, the importance of capitalizing on website visitor data, and ideas on how to implement personalization.

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3 min readNov 25, 2022

Welcome to the sixth interview in our series of Personalization talks, where we speak with real experts and practitioners. You can always find previous interviews here.

We are delighted to have Eric Melchor, Head of Partnerships at OptiMonk, as our next guest. We’ll talk about why personalization is necessary, the importance of capitalizing on website visitor data, and ideas on how to implement personalization.

Why do companies need to implement and use personalization?

“84% of Fortune 500 gone by 2040 because of digitalization. Meaning, they don’t know how to compete on data,” says Mark Fidelman, a globally recognized marketing leader who has interviewed thousands of Global 3000 CXOs.

To implement personalization, you need to use data smartly. And companies that are not figuring that out will be left in the dust.

What is your favorite personalization example?

Global eCommerce is huge and will reach 5.5 trillion in 2022. Woodhouse Clothing understands how important it is to provide a great shopping experience for its global visitors. One thing they do is welcome international traffic with a pop-up message. For example, if you visit their site from Romania, you will see a welcome message saying, “We ship to Romania. You can easily shop in your local currency. Enjoy free shipping for all orders above 500 RON. All duties and taxes are already included, no hidden fees.”

This pop-up is a great way to preeminently answer questions the visitor might have, creating a more delightful experience.

Welcome pop-up for users from Romania

What is crucial to take in mind working with personalization?

While you can run many personalization campaigns and experiments, starting off with the top 3 or 4 low-hanging fruits is best.

For example, if your email signup forms have a conversion rate of less than 10%, you should try using a conversation pop-up.

Does social traffic account for more than 5% of your total traffic? Then it would help if you displayed personalized offers based on traffic source.

Do you drive ads with different value propositions to different landing pages? Then you should personalize landing page headlines based on your ad copy.

From what do you recommend companies start working with personalization?

As I showed in concrete examples, you should ask the right questions to build your roadmap and make a prioritization.

Are more than 20% of your total visitors returning visitors? Then you should help returning visitors by reminding them where they have left off.

Do you have more than 30 products? Then you should facilitate product discovery for first-time visitors using popular products.

Do you send generic email campaigns to your whole list? Then you should show exclusive offers for VIP customers.

Which roles in the company should be involved in the successful personalization project?

Since OptiMonk is designed for Marketers and requires no coding skills, a Marketing geek (someone who likes experimenting and looking for opportunities based on Google analytics).

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