Do You Talk Too Much?

A strong, confident leader knows that she more effective in business when she shows restraint. If you find yourself taking control in most situations, try these methods:

  • Consider quality over quantity of voice. We all know the rare individual who does not talk often, but when she does, everyone listens. There is tremendous power in increasing one’s listen-to-talk ratio and choosing the right moments for expression.
  • Pay attention to the others’ body language to see if they are shutting down, being defensive, or feeling defeated.
  • Dial down your own body language, and concentrate on open arms and posture.
  • Delegate, don’t command and control. Effective leaders understand how to motivate with just enough direction that others have a sense of ownership…
  • …and let them own it. Micromanagement occurs when your desire to act overwhelms the need to lead.
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