by Cristina Jimenez, Executive Director of United We Dream Action and Anna Galland, Executive Director of MoveOn Civic Action

On Saturday, a neo-Nazi murdered 11 Jewish worshippers at a Pittsburgh synagogue. Just days before, law enforcement stopped terrorist bombs from killing people who’d been repeatedly targeted by Donald Trump with vitriolic, dishonest, and violent rhetoric. And last Wednesday, a gunman in Kentucky killed two Black people shopping at a grocery store after he was unable to gain entry into a Black church, where he might have caused even more loss of life.

As the nation stands in shock and mourns…

Donald Trump is in the process of building a war cabinet. Will Senate Democrats stop him?

Despite his campaign trail pledges to get the US out of “dumb wars”, in the latest round of White House staff upheaval and turnover, Trump is bringing in some of the most dangerous neo-conservative hawks in Washington — paving the way for more unnecessary, destructive, and costly wars.

The nominations of Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State and Gina Haspel as CIA Director, along with the appointment of John Bolton as National Security Advisor (a position that doesn’t require Senate confirmation), send a clear…

Summer’s over. Congress is back in DC. As the fall gets underway, I’m regularly approached by MoveOn members and others — including literally taps on the shoulder in the grocery store line! — with a simple question: What should I be doing now? What’s the best way for me to contribute to the Resistance — and help to get our country on track?

Here’s what you should know, and what we can each do this fall:

1. Lace back up your marching shoes and fire back up your phone to help stop Trump and the GOP’s extremist agenda. Congress took…

As heart-wrenching images have circulated in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall in Texas — and with many still facing potentially life-threatening circumstances — many millions of Americans are wondering what they can do to help.

More than 5,700 MoveOn members have answered this question by contributing to the Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund — an effort to ensure that the most vulnerable communities, including communities of color, low-income, and immigrant communities, aren’t left behind in relief and recovery efforts.

There is a long, well-documented history of vulnerable communities having difficulty accessing their fair share of recovery and rebuilding resources…

Anna Galland

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