and love

these are all things that will happen during the next 4 years.

these are all things that happened during the last 4. the last 8. 12. 24. 147

what will life look like in this new world?

this world we did not ask for?

this world we thought could not would not ever come?

it’ll look much like the old one.

you’ll look much the same

the ones you love, they’ll look much the same too.

for those who have hate in their hearts, the ones they hate will look the same still.

what can we do?


we can love and we can create and we can inspire.

we can do everything that our paths have been preparing us for.

we can rise up and take the baton and say if not me then who and if not now then when.

We can gather.

we can cry.

we can feel utterly defeated and utterly elated.

we can identify the signs now.

we can point out hate like a kid who peed in a pool that turned blue because we have blue in our hearts just like the woman we all cast our ballots for.

what we can do is look at the moon.

love one another.

look into peoples eyes

ask why hate is there if it is

offer love instead

offer a step back from love if that person is not ready

offer compassion



offer your own authenticy.

in this new world

the one we did not ask for

the sun will still rise

the moon will still inspire

people will still love

people will still hate

the only thing we have

the only thing that matters

is ourselves and the little beam in our hearts that tells us another human is near

listen to it

feel it

spread light because it’s the only thing you can do.

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