I work for Christ’s agency

Yesterday, I accepted another job offer with Restore.

Just three months ago, I was lost in what the future held.

I had to hold on to God’s promises, believing He was faithful, and that He would finish the work He had started.

In July, the safehome coordinator position was offered to me. I had gathered up courage to apply for this position in May. I didn’t feel competent but with much prayer, I opened up to my supervisor about the desire to get more involved with Restore. I did not expect to see her so thrilled about it and she encouraged me to send my resume to our director of programs. To be honest, I was expecting her to turn me down kindly in her reply. She did not turn me down kindly. She and the aftercare coordinator immediately scheduled to meet up with me. While waiting for them to get back to me, I had two dreams in two consecutive nights. In the first, I got the offer! I was so happy. In the second dream, I was rejected. I woke up crying. I was surprised at myself for being this emotional over a job. The only times I woke up crying were concerning family, never something non-relational.

So when the director of programs told me that they decided not to bring me on as safehome coordinator, I was sad. But thankfully, that dream (and my negativity) prepared me for the reality.

In the next month, I tried looking for other jobs, which always ended nowhere.

One day, when my friend Monica was visiting, I received an e-mail out of the blue from the same director. She wanted to discuss the safehome coordinator position with me. I was, of course, delighted at the guess of what she wanted to say. However, during this month of rejection, my vision became clearer. I wanted to be on the investigative side, I wanted to capture and rescue. So I seriously considered turning down the offer.

When I met up with the director in person, however, her words just wrapped around me and lifted me up. I realized that God wanted to grow me through this job. I will always remember when the director of programs said to me that God showed her I was an angel in the home.

A few days later, I accepted the job offer and started working as a safehome coordinator in August.

The love and support from this team never stops flowing into me. My love for the women living in the home continues to grow. I love every single one of these ladies to the point where it actually hurts.

Through every incident in the home, I feel the very presence of God.

I feel Him by every woman’s side, taking care and protecting each of His daughter.

Before I have to choose to trust in Him, He’s already there.

This past Friday, again out of the blue, the director of programs offered another part-time job on outreach to me.

I once again questioned whether that was where I wanted to be.

But again, I choose to follow God. He knows what I don’t.

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