I think most victims of rape/assault/harassment/etc.
Beth Winegarner

No. I cannot go along with this.

I am happy to work toward a culture where women feel freer to come forth with their abuse and rape experiences — as well as men and nonbinary people — but I will absolutely not convict anybody of sexual assault or any other kind of sexual transgression on rumor only. When a Bill Cosby and a Harvey Weinstein have dozens of women come forward, yeah. When someone kind of accuses Louis C.K. and then retracts it, no. http://www.vulture.com/2017/09/jen-kirkman-louis-ck-tig-notaro-harassment.html

The reality is that there are men, and women, who are accused of sexual transgressions when they are, in fact, completely innocent in all respects; I have seen that in my subculture. Just because the percentage is reported to be low does not negate the horror of those who are tarred a sexual pervert and perpetrator.

We need to encourage a culture where those who know other than the victims — and in Weinstein’s case there were PLENTY who knew — speak out.

I don’t know where the balance lies between supporting accusers without unjustly convicting a person based on accusation alone. But I know it doesn’t lie with automatically equating accusation with guilt. That is not how we get to a more just society.

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