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Menapay is another phase that is proposed to supplant the standard techniques for portion by using blockchain and using advanced types of cash as a strategies for portion for customers which will make portion basic and clear for customers in the midst of trades by using menacash as a strategies for portion thusly alongside grasping some cryptographic types of cash you can, regardless, influence portion through bank trade or charge to card to purchase menapay token .

MenaPay is the first, totally maintained blockchain-based portion Predictable overseeing account instruments are, all things considered, not used in the Middle East entry in the Inside East and Africa.

Menapay has been developed in the midst of the year 2017 to serve an extensive measure of customers over the world by using menapay as their strategies for a portion.

What is Menapay

MenaPay is the first blockchain based non-bank digital payment gateway for building the biggest cashless society in the world. It focuses on the MENA region primarily.

MenaPay allows users to transfer money within daily life in a secure, fast and decentralized way.

MenaPay focuses on MENA as its primary market. It is fully compliant with Islamic finance rules which are very important in the region to provide a convenient and trustable digital payment solution. Blockchain technology meets the requirements of Islamic finance rules about money transactions between parties and earnings from the investments.

Three major statements in Islam are highly important in the region: Interest is prohibited. People can not generate profit via interest.
There should be at least 2 witnesses to approve any debt transaction between 2 parties. Earning money via money is allowed if and only if people invest in a real working business and/or asset.


MenaPay brings a 100% Islamic, non-bank propelled course of action, using enable trades for each piece of step by step life. blockchain to make a single money to be used conflictingly and cross-periphery trades. The relentless advanced cash “MenaCash” will work through private venture stores with MenaPay tokens. A single affiliation is a response for obliterate precariousness and to quicken standard budgetary instruments, for instance, credit.

How MenaPay works?

We are creating a new standard in the crypto industry for the level of participatory returns, beyond the regular incentives for users and investors.

- P2P Transactions
- P2M Peer to Merchant Payments
- M2F Merchant to Foundation
- Green Mining

About the token

Tokens To Issue: 400M May

Tokens For Sale: 256M May

Estimated ICO Price:$0.165

Target Soft Cap: $5M

Target Hard Cap: $25M

Token Standard: ERC-20

Unsold tokens will be burnt

ICO Structure ofMenaPay

400 Million MenaPay Tokens will be generated and 64% of the coins will belong to the community.

Token Distribution

Use of Funds

Payment Processing

Traditional payment workflow requires too many intermediaries.MenaPay connects you with merchants directly for frictionless and trustworth

Team Members:

Barış Özistek


Member of this ICO only

Burak Balık


Member of this ICO only

Bora Çetinoğlu


Member of this ICO only

Lawrence Du Pre


Member of this ICO only


Tuğrul Sevim


Advisor of this ICO only

Selin Beceni


Advisor of this ICO only

Mahmud Merali


Minwoo Kim


Road Map

1. Q1 2019

1.January 2019: Pre-ICO start & Mobile Apps Launch
February 2019: Public Token Sale (ICO)

2. Q2 2019

  1. April 2019: Listing on one of the top 10 exchanges
    May 2019: New Security Feature Face Recognition

3. Q3 2019

  1. July 2019: Reaching 5 offices in MENA countries
    August 2019: 500 Merchant Integration
    September 2019: Reaching 5 million MenaPay users

4. Q4 2019

  1. October 2019: Parental control for family accounts
    November 2019: MenaPay in Asian countries and reaching 1000 merchants
    December 2019: Advanced AI features: P2P lending & payment installments


Calling Financial Services companies in Audit, Escrow and Security. MenaPay offers opportunities for partnering in its development of crypto services and market development.


The company is based in Dubai (UAE), one of the richest cities in the world. A large team of experienced specialists is working on its creation. It is too early to draw conclusions whether the company will succeed in achieving its goals, conducting sales will only take a few months. However, the high potential of the project is obvious.

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