Listening to people´s stories

In front of a train station in Poznan (Poland). I am rolling a cigaratte. A homeless looking man comes to me.

  • Do you have fire?

I give hime a lighter and he lits a half of cigarette he hound a minute ago in a ashtray.

  • Would you like to have a cigarette? — I ask him.
  • Yes, but I can´t roll by myself.

I roll one for him and for me.

  • You know, I am homeless — he started.
  • Why?
  • Insurance company. I had an accident at work and had 2 surgeries. I´ve spent all my money for that. I was sitting two months at home, but after the accident my work contract was not extended. I did not have money to pay my rent. My landlord told me either I pay or go. So I became homeless.
  • When?
  • October.
  • Where do you sleep?
  • At the stations, stairs, but sleeping on the stairs is not comfortable. Sometimes I go to a bus, but after 20 minutes it reaches last stop and then I have to go out. Maybe now I´ll find a job. I could even clean this shopping mall — he points at the shopping center inside the train station. But I´m not registered as a citizen in this city. You know, since we talk, would you have 1 PLN for me for some food?

I wondered what kind of food he can have for 1 PLN. I searched my wallet and give him every coin I can find. About 7 PLN (not even 2 EUR).

  • Oh, thank you! For that money I will have food for the rest of the day! You know, I was so hungry today until someone bought me something from MC Donald. You know, sometimes I´m starving but I don´t have a courage to beg. I´m ashamed. — he said with tears in his eyes.
  • I have apples with me. Would you like to have some?
  • Hm, maybe just two. I have just my backpack. I have water with me, a soap… It´s quite heavy after the whole day carrying it.
  • Yeah, I know.
  • Thank you very much! — he said. He took his backpack and left.

I went inside the station and looked for my train.

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