Anna Beignet
Jan 31 · 1 min read

Well done. The commonalities are, well, common but not in a common way if you know what I mean. As I gradually move to the feminine after so many years in this male engine, I consider the totality of my experience and am satisfied with the momentum.

I always identified as butch-fem lesbian (although it took me a while to get that) so being with women was what i wanted and have. Thirty years with the same person and she is more and more accepting. Recently she exclaimed when seeing my naked, “you have a women’s body now, very curvy!” I was happy, relieved and we had a long talk. During our talk she confused sexuality and gender “dislocation”, which is how I experience it but I didn’t delve into that discussion as we were having a tender moment connecting.

Thanks again for your expression of self!

    Anna Beignet

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