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Steller: The photo app that you will not put down this 2018!

It’s the New Year, and I’m sure you have plenty of pictures accumulated from the festive period and your New Year celebrations. So why not test out Steller?

Launched back in 2014, Steller is an app which provides its users with the tools to create their own stories using photos videos and text, from the comfort of their iPhone. Named as One of the Best Apps of 2014 by Apple, and subsequently names Editors Choice, Steller is an app which you definitely can’t live without.

The app essentially provides the notion, that you dont need to be a skilled, imaginative or creative writer in order to depecit a story, nor do you need to spend extended lenghts of time digesting texts. Instead you can submerge yourself within a visually stimulating environment, where the ability to tell stories, goes beyond a hardback book.

Here’s how to use it:

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Steller vs. Instagram

I downloaded Steller a few weeks ago, and as an obsessive Instagram user, I was excited to try another photo focused app! Although the foundations are similar to those of Instagram, the app has a totally different feel, allowing you to be more creative, upload more photos, without feeling like your bombarding the timelines of others.

With simialr features such as a unique profile, the ability to ‘like’ and include #hashtags, Steller definitely has a more of a narrative structure to it. Imitating the style of a digital book, users are able to delve deeper into the story by ‘turning the pages’ as they swipe through the photos. Although this feature is extremely subtle, it allows you to feel totally submersed within a story, and emulates that of a book that you cant put down.

My experience:

Setting up an account was super easy, and I instantly had access to other peoples stories for some inspiration. As individual authors, Steller provides endless oppertunities for stories, on a wide range of topics such as:

  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Animals
  • Design/art
  • Lifestyle.
  • Sport

Your story is unique and indiviual to you, so not only can you document your own life, but share your experiences with other, which is what I liked best about this app!

Steller Fashion

Steller has also added a whole new dimension to the world of fashion jorunalism. Attracting both global companies as well as those up-and-coming fashion brands, Steller not only provides another element to the way in which we absorb fashion journalism, it also allows fashion curators and photography novacies to get their feet off the ground, and into the industry. As someone who has always enjoyed keeping up with up with new trends and discovering new brands, Steller has allowed me to learn and become passionate about emerging companies. With the helpful search tool, the ability to search for fashion articles is super easy!

Here are a few of my favourite fashion focused Steller stories:


Steller of course receives some steller reviews (pardon the pun). On the App Store, Steller receives an astounding 4.9 out of 5 rating and features just under 70 peoples lovely reviews each giving a generous 4 or 5 stars! Users describe the app as:

“Absolutely Stunning” — “Great Instagram-like concept”

My Steller:

If you you would like to have a lok at my first two Steller Stories, head over to my Steller profile! There will be more to come, so keep your eyes peeled!

Happy storytelling!