The Four Items You Need in Your Work Wardrobe

On February 3, Suitably was introduced to the world. Suitably simplifies a woman's work wardrobe by offering the staples she needs, all under $100.

Meet Suitably:

Welcome to, what I hope, will be your go-to destination for inspiration and empowerment throughout your professional journey.

Welcome to a brand that’s 100% dedicated to you, your dreams and supporting you to not just get there, but get there on your terms.

And welcome to something that has been a passion project of mine that’s finally ready to step into the spotlight.

Welcome to Suitably.

Suitably started with one goal in mind: to support women in their professional pursuits by providing a fairly-priced, highly functional line of workwear. Because, let’s face it, that can be a lot harder than it sounds.

Early in my career, I struggled to navigate the nuances of dressing for a new environment. No one had a great read on questions like: what does business casual actually mean? How much jewelry is too much? How high can my heels be? Does any of this even matter? Despite the fact there was no one to tell us, there were so many things we were expected to know on
day one. Sure, there were other brands out there where we could all painstakingly piece together a work wardrobe but there was no single brand that just got it.

Eventually, I became a little more confident, a lot more comfortable and much more clear in how to pull myself together, no matter the work environment — and I started sharing those tips with my friends and other women via Instagram. Because the more I shared my experiences, the
more I came to realize these struggles weren’t mine alone — they’re universal. Every woman I have talked to has felt this pain. That’s why Suitably was born. We need to change the way women dress for work — and more importantly, we need change the conversation.

Think of this as the tools and resources you need to be your brilliant self — wardrobe included and community of your favorite work friends who you just happen to not work with. Because, again, it all comes back to that feeling you get when you’re dressed for the part. That’s the confidence I want you to feel every single day. I want you to have a big day ahead and, instead of worrying about what to wear and what next, to simply throw open your closet doors, grab your favorite Suitably look and go.

That’s the power of Suitably — and that’s what turns lofty goals into realities. Because I know success suits you. And no matter where you’re heading, I want you to get there with total confidence, clarity and conviction.

Cheers to you and to all that comes NEXT. You deserve it.

Annabel Gatto
Co-Founder and CEO, Suitably

Co-Founder/CEO at Suitably @Suitably. Formerly @MorganStanley @Groupon @SullivanandCromwell.

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