8 Simple Truths for Becoming a Mentally Strong Person

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Don’t indulge in self-pity

If you sit in one place and complain about your life, it won’t change for the better. And even if you’ve been treated badly, the worst thing you can do to yourself is to suffer, thus begging for compassion. All the power is in the hands of a person, and even if life’s unfair, you must get yourself out of the hole rather than sink still deeper.

When a person often pities themselves, they automatically instill into themselves the idea that they’ll never be treated well. In every acquaintance they’ll look for a trick, in every kind act they’ll see self-interest. It is humiliating to pity oneself and let others do it. Just look at how it appears from the outside, and think about it.

Look after your life and don’t interfere into others

Every person lives their life the way they like to. And something that is normal for one family may be absolutely unacceptable for another. So, to save your own nerves and those of others, don’t react to things that you consider abnormal. You shouldn’t give advice if not asked, it can also have a negative impact on mental health.

Accept calmly things you can’t change

There are such situations in life that you can’t influence, but you somehow feel bad about them. Don’t waste yourself. For example, you haven’t been paid wages for a long time, under different pretexts. You feel nervous, you curse, but it’s no use.

And what’s most interesting is that you carry on working. You should look for other ways of solution, without being nervous and wasting your time.

There’s no necessity to appeal to everyone, only to yourself

It’s not selfishness, it’s a reasonable thought. Just imagine: if each person has their own fancies, how can you appeal to everyone? It’s impossible! Still, there are people who try hard for everyone to like them. Certainly, all they manage to do is spoil their nerves. Be calm if you’re satisfied with everything about yourself.

If you’re not content with something — change it, but only proceeding from your own interests. Be a person of your abilities and reality.

Live for the moment

It’s high time to let go of your past and believe only in a good future. When you’re preoccupied with your past, you may completely fall apart. Most often, a person tends to recollect the bad: grievances, disappointments. By thinking about how you could have acted for changing the course of events, you lose your precious time.

Live for the moment — it won’t occur again, and the past is behind.

No one owes anyone anything

If you expect someone to help you, you may wait for ever, or be indebted afterwards. You don’t need it, do you?

A good result can take a long time to achieve

If you decided to achieve your goal, you must possess some stamina. Don’t give up on your dream halfway if the result can hardly be seen: eventually, everything will be put together, and there is sure to be the result desired! Quality work requires not only energies but also time.

Believe in yourself and your abilities

Let each and every defeat be only an impetus to new achievements. If you believe in yourself, everything planned is certain to work out.

To become a mentally strong person is no difficult. For this, apart from the above-mentioned advice, it’s necessary to respectfully treat yourself and less react to other people. Especially if they don’t concern your life. It’s only you who creates your destiny. Let opinions and advice of others pass solely through your mental filter.