Have you ever thought there will come a moment of your full satisfaction of life?

Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

A happy life without struggle at 26

You know, there is a moment when you’ve finally solved all your problems and feel entirely satisfied with your life and yourself. You feel calm, tranquil and just fine. You’re no longer in a hurry and let yourself enjoy the moment, as it were. And, as my life experience shows, it lasts as long as you actually need it to. Then life tosses you new troubles and amenities, which you have to get acquainted with and establish a dialog.

So, it’s recently happened to me. Not that I was engaged in saving mankind, but I experienced personal growth and was able to realize a lot. I wrote about saving for a reason: all my life I’ve tried to help others and even solve their problems, expecting on the inside to get the same in return (hello, psychology). However, now the very moment has come, when the bulk of personal problems have been solved, and life just satisfies me.

What?! Yeah, at 26.

I persist in working, though. Even harder. Because I’m really fond of doing something. I even attain the goals for this year. Every day I think about how to make my life better, what I can do for myself and what I can do for others. Because it’s very pleasant, it’s like a sun inside of you, which works all the 24 hours a day.

But the whole thing is done without tear and fear to be late. Fear not to do. Fear to fail. And other “amenities” that we are wrapped in by living in socio of the 21st century.

Meanwhile, I lost the feeling of constant struggle. The very feeling we’ve been burning with since childhood. The feeling that serves as the catalyst of events in our life and our growth. That is so popular nowadays (just try to remember all the films about superheroes in the last 10 years).

About two times a day, a thought occurs to me:

“What’s next? Will life keep on tossing something interesting?”

And it’s amazing. Amazing that our brain actually perceives problems, issues as something interesting: as long as we meet challenges, we will make decisions, solve problems, become better or worse.

Yet, I don’t want life to toss the “interesting” any longer.

What surprises me even more is that for the first time I don’t need any problems for being interested in life. I already wrote about living for the moment and enjoying it, but back then I couldn’t imagine that struggles were unnecessary for life being interesting. I’m serious. Why doesn’t anyone say that life may be interesting even when you don’t find any troubles?

But we all do find them.

Now I’m 26, and I think the main wars in my life are over. I fought in them not to “solve the problem and throw it away from my life,” but to “become freer and stronger, happier.”

And I did.

With this post I wanted to show (or remind) you that you shouldn’t be afraid of quiet, regular life, even if you’re young and your hormones are bubbling up. Your life is sure to be interesting and satisfy you when you learn to accept yourself and the world around.

But why should you wait for this till old age?

Thank you for reading.