The 20 Things I Realized Thanks to Writing on Medium

Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash

Beginning to write on Medium, you don’t much think about your future here, nor do you reflect on what experience you’ll get and how your life will change for it. However, every time we apply energies, we gain life experience in response, and sometimes even pleasant benefits like the result and a feeling of happiness in the process of work.

It’s about to be half a year since I published my first article, and I think it’s time to remember all the insights I’ve got during this time. :)

  1. Writing is a war. A war with yourself. But not always: it’s only you who decide whether you’ll reveal the unknown in yourself or write about simple, pleasant things.
  2. When you’re on the track of writing, you usually see 2–3 ways to go. But here, like in real life, is actually over 1000 of them, and sometimes it scares — he possibilities scare.
  3. You’ll compare yourself to others. And this will seem wrong to you.
  4. If you treat writing an article with exaltation or passion, you’ll feel it, and accordingly you’ll see the real result. It won’t be perfect. Whether you’ll get a complete satisfaction from writing your article is another question.
  5. Writing doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a full return from your work. This should be accepted wisely.
  6. Writing guarantees nothing.
  7. But it gives a lot. More than you can hope.
  8. Writing reared me as an individual: having written 108 articles, I reviewed many years of my life and made conclusions. It changed me as well.
  9. You can consider yourself a sensitive person and feel shy to express your thoughts in a text, but if you have at least a drop of talent, a drop of originality, you must do it.
  10. Writing will give you an opportunity to be finally honest with yourself. In our life, almost all of us are deprived of such a thing. Even those who have personal diaries choose what to write in them. Here you write a story and it sets its own rules.
  11. You can take a risk to obey your story and be honest. But it’ll work only if you’ve got a backbone and strength to get your own way.
  12. Not everyone can find a voice through public writing. Not everyone can find themselves, gaining piece by piece.
  13. Injustice happens to those who expect justice. You can long for extensive response from your readers and fail to get it. It’s okay.
  14. You can try a variety of roles, like being an actor: different genres (poetry, stories, research, etc.), different styles of writing. Nothing confines you.
  15. You’ll get the answer to the question “Will I manage to make a popular and demanded writer or it will remain but a childish dream?” Dreams define the direction. We only have to start moving towards them.
  16. You’ll at last learn to cut off the redundant (or not). If you really endeavor, you’ll come to use that skill in real life. It’ll trigger off a thorough cleaning in your own living.
  17. The ability to cut off helped me in my work as a freelancer. I let go of what didn’t bring me experience, money and happiness, and preserved only the valuable. It enabled me to enjoy my work. For this I’m very grateful to writing.
  18. On Medium you can find amazingly gifted authors. Due to their creations, you’ll be anxious to create, too. I didn’t come across it on other sites. This is the rare case when you can get a significant value. And you don’t have to read a book 180 pages long for 1 or 2 with the key points. Being a person thrifty with time, I’m very glad about it.
  19. You don’t have to be a perfect author. That you write and write with no fear is already enough.
  20. The same you will learn to accept in life. That you live and enjoy it is already enough.

As usual, thank you for reading.