The 5 Levels of Relations with Food

Today we’ll talk not about excess weight or adherence to some type of nutrition. Your nutrition plan doesn’t matter, because it may change during your life. A person might become a vegetarian at some period and then give it up. They might begin to consume some product and then stop it.

More important are your relations with food: look through the 5 types of them and decide which level you are at. Just like in life we learn to build relations with close people, we can define the level of “trust” to food, devote some time to it. I consider relations with food an important point for both physical and psycho-emotional health. Let’s begin with the simplest level and move towards the most desirable one:

Physiological level

It’s just satisfying the need for being alive. Not just satisfying the need through food, it’s a mere survival. In developed countries there are very few situations when we experience physiological hunger, when our relations with food is “here is some food, great, I won’t starve.”

Though there are situations when at the physiological level things are not that simple. For example, in cases of diabetes — if a person hasn’t eaten at a definite time, they may have coma.

Emotional level

We need some tasty food to eat, some pleasant feelings. Freshness. “This I like, that I don’t.”

Social level

When some nutrition plan is socially approved. All diets, all recommendations result from the social level. When a person is at the social level of relations with food, they always look for some recommendations.

Think about how your nutrition is socially approved, how it is important for you. You can realize how your nutrition depends on circumstances and social contacts. This is very interesting psychological experience. How much can you resist public opinion and trends? How much do you care about your health, choosing the food for your body, not because of situations?

Personal level

Here a person doesn’t care what society thinks about him or her. Because they understand themselves what is best for them, what strengthens their health, improves their condition, enhances energies, keeps slenderness. Their mental health is also okay. As for me, I call it the first victory that you should come to and stick to. It’s very difficult not to eat something in a company, not to reward yourself for the work with a piece of pizza, but at some moment all these psychological “hooks” disappear, and a desire to be healthy and consequently happy becomes the most important thing for you.

Intuitive level

At this level, a person looking at unfamiliar food already knows how they will feel after consuming it. They will unconsciously understand whether or not they should eat it. The intuitive level knows beforehand the feeling after this or that food.

Find out what level you are at. Your task is to be at the personal and the intuitive level. And to stick to it. Because the basis of your mental health is often your health physical, and food is the key everyday fuel for the latter.