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What Happens When You Meet the Love of Your Life

The Very Person Close to Your Heart

“person holding string lights” by Diego PH on Unsplash

You are alike… in your shortcomings. Both of you see them distinctly, see them in each other, yet your love doesn’t cease to exist.

You are alike in appearance as well: if you take a look in the mirror, you can see similar features, which you probably didn’t like before or considered them “not the best merits” of yours. But now they are reflected in your partner and it feels like an utmost unity.

You allow yourself to experience any feelings, you don’t need to walk on eggshells. Your relations are strong from the very beginning because you are devoid of any fear when you look in each other’s eyes. Being together, you know and feel your partner.

You have both feet on the floor, living the way you did before. The feeling that “everything is in its place” in your relations and in the most part of your lives always accompanies you.

Since your meeting you’ve seen your life more clearly and set to a solution of your piled-up tasks/problems. Perhaps something began to burden you even more, but only because you took a closer look at your life. You realized what you need for your future and what you should get rid of right away.

Your attitude to your folks and friends drastically changed, because you yourself changed. Or rather, not you but your behavior. Now you are purged from all that stuff which was a part of you for so long.

You became slower, and you feel it yourself. Probably it is the way a life should be, when we more appreciate every moment of it.

You became more mature and lighter. But your desires remained with you. You haven’t got a magic wand for their realization, but somehow you began to understand better how they could be fulfilled.

Isn’t it what makes love so magnificent? This magic side of it that managed to penetrate into the real life?

Thank you for reading one of my stories. I’m new here on Medium so it means a lot to me!