Capturing the right information earlier in your journey

From simple dashboards to complex B2B products, data visualisation projects can often come with details you wish you had captured earlier in your journey. Here’s a rundown of the questions we came across.

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1. What does the data actually mean?

Don’t underestimate the impact of individuals or teams working in silos. What is logical to you and your team may not be obvious to everyone. Having clearly defined what each piece of data means is key for everyone in a project to be aligned. …

Optimise your interviews by adapting your approach towards these 6 different types of users.

After doing user testing for companies in different industries and in different environments, I have interviewed a range of extraordinary people with different personalities. Along the way I started to identify a hand-full of characters that I found easier or harder to interview and I learned how to adapt my interviews accordingly.

Let’s dive in to a description and guide for each one.

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1/6 The unconfident one

How to recognise them:

They usually ask if they’re doing the right thing before they do it. “I should click on this button next… right?”

What can you do?

You don’t want to lead them to the next action by answering. Take this as an opportunity to dig deeper if something feels unclear to them. When they ask, simply say “what do you think?” and then “what would you expect to happen?”. Understand how they process your designs and once they tell you, ask them to show you by clicking on the prototype. …

Find the balance between a creative space and a performing e-commerce.

After a year of hard work, CL’s website (a french lingerie brand) went live. Designing this e-commerce from scratch was the biggest challenge I’ve ever had and having learned so much along the way, I wanted to share my experience.

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How we defined the key features

Set the North star and dream big

When the project was discussed in details, different teams brainstormed ideas and features they would love to have across the site. …


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