How to write your CV for a childcare job?

Getting a job anywhere is highly competitive even in the early childhood industry. People need jobs and there are educators looking for extra work after their tenure ended. If you are a new graduate and searching for a job, you have all these competitors around. You need to stand out and this calls for an impressive CV!

The CV and its purpose

The document listing all your relevant education, experiences and skills is your CV or curriculum vitae. It is prepared in such a way that it targets the specific position you are applying. The purpose is to create and draw the employer’s interest to you and the advantages you have got to offer, so next step would be the interview.

How to write a CV for a childcare job

· Title of Position:

· Profile

Write in 6 sentences the reasons making you the ideal candidate for the position or why this is the job you want.

· Key Skills

Include specific details of the job role while pointing out your skills making you ideal for the position:

1. Ability to effectively prioritize task;

2. Considerable experience in child care;

3. Cutting edge knowledge of important practices, relevant principles and techniques;

4. Excellent skills in communication;

5. Proven experience of working successfully in difficult and varied circumstances

6. Strong childcare and play skills

· Availability

It could be immediately or you need to give notice to your present employer or if you are available after a week or three months!

· Employment History

Begin from your latest job going backwards. If you are a new graduate and your first time to be in the sector. Don’t forget to put all placements details. Include -

1. Dates of employment

2. Title / level of your job

3. Organization to include its address

4. Your basic tasks, as well as achievements can be cited using bullet points or if you prefer, use the narrative form.


April, 2013 to the present: Childcare Aide, Charlie Brown’s Children’s Homes, Bow Street, Covenant Garden. London

· Taught children the importance of health and developing healthy personal habits.

· Read interesting stories to toddlers, and teach them the different colors, painting, drawing varied shapes, simple handicrafts, and singing songs.

· Preparing recreational activities.

5. Voluntary Experience

Add details of any voluntary work within your work history or under a separate heading

6. Travelling

I took a year out to travel around South America.

· Training taken, your qualifications and professional memberships

List of all important professional trainings, additional qualifications and awards received.

· Education

Write about the most recent development in your education starting from the present and going back. Include the dates, name and address of institutions and also list any other qualifications.

August, 2012 — June, 2016: GCSEs in Science and Math (include grades)

· Additional Experience

Add anything relevant that helps to show how well you manage carrying out the person specification and job role. For instance -

I was a baby sitter for ABC agency……….


1. Always adapt your CV to suit each individual job you apply for. Use phrases coming from job description or person specification. Emphasize exactly how you meet the person specification or job description for each new application.

2. Proofread your CV

3. Make CV easy for an employer to read quickly. The length should be 3–4 pages long. Do not include irrelevant work and life history. Include only those relevant to the position you are applying for.

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