Green eggs and ham weren’t always green.

Young people all suffer an identity crisis, and it should stop after meeting Jesus. So why doesn’t it?

If you’ve been around church long enough there would have been a point where you were asked to share the testimony of how you came to know Christ and call yourself a Christian. Your testimony is one of the most powerfully impacting stories you share, and echoes loudly in the ears of others as it exemplifies the work of God in action. Everyone has a different story to share and God works on a tailored based business in order to reveal himself to different people in different ways. There is no level of “lost” or degree as to which we are “more saved” than anyone else, and no one is ever too far gone. Yet somewhere along the way we have created this unspoken culture where we subconsciously grade the significance of someone’s spiritual transformation based upon how profound we rate their story.

Although grace and salvation can appear overwhelmingly complicated God intended for his love to be inexplainable but so achievable for all. Heres a quick crash course… we are all like lost sheep in the wilderness but once we accept Christ (who is our shepherd) we are found and welcomed home, regardless of how far we have wandered. In the grand scale of eternity it doesn’t matter the mistakes we make on the journey, but rather relishing in breaking free from our past and enjoying the freedom we have in Christ. “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free…” ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:13

But if we don’t live out this freedom then what is the point?

“…maybe our generation struggles with moving forward into Gods future for us as we tend to fix our eyes upon our past.”

All to often I hear young people sharing their failures rather than their successes in Christ. It seems that maybe our generation struggles with moving forward into Gods future for us as we tend to fix our eyes upon our past. While it’s important to know your story pre salvation, or ‘pre Jesus’ it’s even more important to know how your life has changed since. Everyone succumbs to peer pressure at some point and Christianity surely doesn’t happen overnight. For many it can be years of yo-yo’ing in and out of old habits (guilty as charged) until we take heart to the promises God has in store for us. John speaks about the harvest in John 4:35 “…I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” He reminds us that the harvest is not only for others, but our own lives too.

God has a harvest in store for each of us, but we are too busy dwelling on what has been rather than who we are and what is to come.

So where to from here then? As we enter into 2016 and pass off the month of January we say goodbye to our already failed New Years resolution and hello to long lasting life choices. There is no better time to start living out all God has planned for you and saying goodbye to your past than right now. Green eggs and ham weren’t always green, but once they were there was no turning back.

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