Where did all the bible bashers go?

I want to warmly welcome you to my blog. You will quickly find out that it was not my intention to do this, but when God says, “do this” what else are you meant to do?

This (still unravelling) journey all started one Sunday night at my local church during our regular worship time. God had dropped into my heart to do two things. By drop, I don’t just mean a nice thought or idea, but a yearning and longing hunger that I knew could only be satisfied by doing what my father asked of me and to be obedient to his voice. The first was to pray for more of him and desire him more, and although this was not all that confronting more than it was encouraging, what followed next was. He told me to start a blog. Which has always been something on my opposable bucket list for life and I still cringe at the thought of posting this in an hour’s time. My goal is to tackle popular, yet somehow misunderstood subjects of our generation, and more importantly what the bible says about them. Topics such as depression, alcohol or substance abuse and sexual impurity are things that I am daily confronted with in my walk alongside many other young Christians, and are topics I hope to explore.


I am a firm believer, lover and advocate of my local church (and I hope you love yours too) and despite everything it does for us our generation still seems to have this gap where there is a lack of deep biblical understanding. (It should be noted that this is not at any fault of our pastors, leaders or teachers, but rather the way society has raised us to go about our daily thought patterns). Instead it is filled with an assortment of life concepts, good morals and ‘wisdom’ that comes from the world. It does not seem to matter how many church services a week you sit in, how many years you serve as a youth leader, and how many instruments on the worship band you might play, this gap inevitably seems to stem from failure to allow Gods word to be a lamp for our feet, and a light on our path (Pslams 119:105).

“…we are reaching for our Google search bars and textbooks quicker than we are reaching for Gods word…”

I should note, I am not saying our generation is totally biblically incapable, but rather we are reaching for our Google search bars and textbooks quicker than we are reaching for Gods word when faced with life’s curve balls. We have also entered into a society where sharing your opinion or stance in your faith can have so many negative connotations. So firstly lets explore why we are the way we are.

“…we are now one of the most information overloaded generations to walk the planet. And it all comes to us by the click of a button.”

Our generation currently has more readily available access to the world and its knowledge than ever before. Between smart phones, laptops and the world wide web it is normal to maintain a friendship across the globe rather than across the street. It has been estimated that over 6.8 million Australians travel internationally each year, and young people are rapidly adding to these figures. We also know more about the earth, its contents and the living organisms on it (including us) than ever before, and consequently to all this knowledge; we are now one of the most information overloaded generations to walk the planet. And it all comes to us by the click of a button. It is no wonder that we are often lost up in the antics of the world, and consumed by its captivating knowledge. We are consumed by spending our days trying to understand life’s multiple roads to success, so much so, that we progressively push the bible aside and rely upon our ‘human instincts’ above all else.

“…regardless of our fluctuating emotions or situation, Gods word never hinders.”

I want to discuss topics where the world’s opinion quickly takes preference over the wisdom of God, and explore into what our father says about us in this book called the bible. We so eagerly push away the bible bashers in our lives (for good reasons at times), however when faced with tough circumstances forget that regardless of our fluctuating emotions or situation, Gods word never hinders. It is not influenced by emotions, worldly knowledge or popular trends, but rather it is above all of these things and is there to help us seek clarity and sustainable wisdom in all circumstances.

If you have no idea what I am talking about or how Christianity is relevant to your modern 21st century life, then I encourage you to listen with an open heart.

I once had a pastor who helped me understand more about Christ, what his word said about me as a young teenage girl and what Godly relationships looked like. He achieved all of these things by always pointing me directly to the bible. He also could never post a blog or preach a sermon without quoting from C.S Lewis, so in tribute to him and his influence, here is one for the road.

“I can’t imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once”

–C.S Lewis.

Imagine if we treated the bible as if we really liked it.

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