This year, I’m moving rentals in the final weeks of December. It has been exhausting, tough and all around an emotional drain. I’ve spent hours organizing things into boxes, cleaning, and pitching old stuff I don’t need anymore. In the dregs of this exercise it occurred to me — what if we’re looking at this resolution thing all wrong?

Let’s think about it. So many of us resolve to fix these small things in our lives thinking it will make us happier and more successful. But in reality, we are ignoring the overarching issue. We’re taking the easy way out by altering a detail of a larger problem. As I sat amidst all of my boxes it dawned on me that the reason I could never keep things clean and organized is because I have way too much stuff.

I’ve been reading a lot of Trash is for Tossers, a blog written by a twentysomething who decided to lead a no-trash lifestyle. Though her examples can be extreme, they are a great way to re-evaluate your life. So often, I’ll choose the easy way out — I’ll grab takeout instead of going grocery shopping; I can’t find my toothpaste so I’ll just purchase another tube. This isn’t living sustainably, for you or for the environment.

It’s my goal for 2015 to live purposefully. I’ve been taking the easy way out by buying things I don’t need to make my life allegedly easier, but I’ve just found myself surrounded by things I don’t need. I’ve thrown out almost 10 garbage bags of junk but I keep finding more to go. I’m not going to go all-out minimalist, only owning three shirts and a chair or some kind of junk like that. I’m a real person. I have a 9–5 job, a car, an apartment, and none of that will change. I’m going to do the best I can to adapt my lifestyle for social change. I want to make more room for the things I want. And we’ll see how it will happen.

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