Buyer Persona Template — Without Interviews Within 3 Days

Anna Boiko
May 1 · 4 min read

We all know, that Buyer Persona or someone calls it Customer Avatar, is a fictional character that represents your ideal client. This powerful marketing and branding tool takes roots from the old fashioned market research. And despite the fact, that it looks very easy and appealing, this is the iceberg top of profound customer research and hours of analytical work. So, let’s go backstage!

Luckily, I live in 2019 (as all of you, just realized that it doesn’t actually make me special) and I am working remotely as a market researcher. My friend and I are running market research agency IntroMarket Research and we are based in Lviv, Ukraine. Our working routine starts with connecting to Slack, checking emails, Upwork, Social Media;) and finally, opening Google Drive folder “Current Projects”.

One of our new projects is Buyer Persona creation. We’ve got a client who built an innovative product offering for IT Operations Managers. But he did not know where to find prospects and how to make them aware of his product so, he asked us for help.

Day 1. Database.

We believe that buyer persona must be 100% based on factual evidence and extensive research. That’s why our first step is to create a database of real (!) IT Operations Managers that corresponds to client’s features — they are based in the US and work for the companies with over 1000 employees. How do we do this? We create a spreadsheet and look for real profiles of IT Operations Managers on LinkedIn first, and then if it’s possible, look for them on Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn helps to find out the information about the working experience of the person, their career goals, and challenges. Facebook and Twitter give a more general overview of personal life, hobbies, and family situation.

The number of profiles can vary from 50 to 100, depends on how much data they contain. It is better using LinkedIn Sales Navigator while building a database.

On average I drink two cups of coffee a day but on the second day of creating Buyer Persona this number doubles. And this is why.

Day 2. Analysis.

We analyze each profile in the database according to the following features:

  • Company they work for
  • Employment history
  • Skills
  • Courses and Certifications
  • Influencers they follow
  • Brands they follow
  • Groups
  • Social Media Activity
  • Content they like
Pic of Database

Additionally, we create a Swipe file in Google Doc, this is the visual representation of their online activity — photos from conferences, reposts of quotations, company’s news. It can consist of 20–50 pages. Basically, we take screenshots and write comments to these screenshots. This is a very important part because without swipe file our database is faceless statistics.

Pic of Swipe File

Analysis of the 50 profiles is pretty thorough and detailed work. But the most challenging part is to find out common characteristics and highlight them. So day 2 is pretty intense in terms of the amount of work. However, I love what I do and this is my excuse.

Day 3. Visualization.

This my favorite part of work — presentation of the received data in a comprehensible way.

Based on the analysis of the database and Swipe file, we start building our buyer persona profile of IT Operations Manager. We work in PowerPoint, A3 format. Buyer persona consists of 2 or 3 pages. We split the information according to the following categories:

  • Demographic profile
  • Working progress
  • Skills
  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Content (articles and platforms)
  • Influencers and Brands
  • Sales Funnels
  • Personal level
  • Environment
  • Professional network
Buyer Persona — IT Operations Manager, Page 1
Buyer Persona — IT Operations Manager, Page 2

After everything is done, we send completed buyer persona to our client followed by humble lines “Look forward to receiving your feedback.” With this data, he can create appealing content, targeted offers, and positive brand image.

There’s a lot of business owners and marketing managers among our clients who order Buyer Persona Profile. But there are even more people who don’t do this and I understand why.

You probably have ideas about your potential clients — millennials, single moms, college students, HR managers, etc. In fact, you probably define your target audience early on and you feel that you know what they want. But as a co-founder of Tinder Sean Rad once said — “Data beats emotions”. So, will you rely on your guess or on data?

If you liked this article and interested in creating Buyer Persona, follow this link and you will find the template of Bayer Persona that you can download for free, without leaving your email (God bless Eloquens!).

Anna Boiko

Written by

Market and Customer Researcher 🌐 Co-founder of IntroMarket Research 💟Hobby — Art platform PIC ORCAS

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