How Emotional Load on organs can hamper the Medical Medium protocol

You have read the Medical Medium and suddenly, so many pieces of the puzzle make sense. You finally have an understanding of what is causing your physical symptoms and you can see the impact that Epstein Barr Virus has had on your life and your health.

So you study the protocol and the suggestions that have been made for your particular condition, you look at the dietary changes that are recommended as well as the supplements that are listed and you put together your plan for eliminating EBV.

But a few weeks (or months) later and nothing really seems to be changing, in fact you might even be feeling a bit worse. You are doing your best with all the information that has been given, but it now feels overwhelming, the costs are spiralling, and you are no longer sure how to move forward.

I also read the book and was so excited when I realised that the links that Anthony Williams was writing about, were relevant, not only to symptoms that I was experiencing, but could also see where my family and many of my clients could benefit from this understanding.

However, one of the things that didn’t make sense to me was the protocol for detoxing and eliminating EBV and heavy metals. That’s not to say that there isn’t a lot of great information and suggestions included within it, there is. However, what concerned me was that it didn’t take into account the individual and the unique way in which we all react and respond to foods and supplements.

As an Occupational Therapist and a Kinesiologist, I have studied for many years the unique and varied ways in which our brain, our nervous system, our organs and our systems interact, and from this viewpoint I do not believe in a one size fits all protocol. What works for one person, will not necessarily work for another.

In my opinion, one of the most important aspects to look at before starting a detox or elimination protocol, is your bodies’ own innate ability to eliminate which is connected with your emotional organ load.

The elimination organs (liver, kidneys, lungs, large intestines and skin) can often be struggling to do their job effectively because of long-held emotions that are trapped within them.

Kidneys are generally the organ that stores fear, anxiety and shock. Lungs on the other hand store grief, Liver holds anger, worry and sadness, skin is related to your sense of self and your ability to maintain your own boundaries and the large intestines are linked with resentment and holding onto things from the past.

If you can imagine a river with its natural flow and path. An organ which has trapped emotion can be similar to a dam in that river. It doesn’t allow the natural current to run its course .

We can see this in ourselves, not only on the physical level where the elimination of heavy metals and EBV cannot occur, but also reflected on the emotional plane, where there is a tendency to hold onto emotions, stories about our past, thought patterns and beliefs. It may also be reflected in your life flow; where the life that you can feel is possible, cannot easily flow through you and you may feel stuck and stagnant in your current situation.

These trapped emotions can be from events that happened long ago, from childhood, from birth, in-utero or even past lives, and if this emotional load is significant, then the supplements or dietary changes you instigate, will have limited impact, as there is a fundamental issue in the organs ability to eliminate.

Therefore my suggestion is to focus not only on the physical things that you can do to support yourself through this process, but to also look at your emotional health too. If you can assist the organs in releasing these long held emotions and beliefs, you lessen the emotional load, creating flow and movement and increased function; leading to increased success in releasing and healing EBV and the conditions associated with it.

So I would like to give you a couple of ideas as to what you can do yourself to help create this flow:

Energy Clearing: Each evening I do an energy clearing of my body and picture white light (or whatever is appropriate that evening) filling my body and flushing any negative or heavy energy that I no longer need, down into Mother Earth. You can also do this but with particular attention being paid to your elimination organs, especially if you aware of specific emotions that need to be cleared out. This is a very gentle practise but can really help as it informs your conscious and subconscious that you are ready to release what no longer serves you.

Be the observer: It is great practise to try and start to be an observer to yourself. Notice where you are holding onto thought patterns, beliefs, stories or behaviours. Instead of feeding into the story that created it, try to be the observer — without judgement or attachment. This is not an easy practise but a great one to cultivate over time. The more you can do this, the more you will find that emotions and thought patterns will flow and dissipate rather than become stagnant and stay.

Listen to the heartbeat of the Earth (Schumann Resonance) I have mentioned this in a previous article as this is a very powerful way to bring ourselves back into alignment. Our brain vibrates at the same frequency as the Earth (7.83hz). However this frequency can often be distorted by Electromagnetic smog (wi-fi, mobiles, mobile towers etc) Our brains frequency controls our creativity, our performance, our stress levels, our anxiety and our immune system and therefore the impact of being out of synch with the Earth can have huge implications in many areas of our lives.

Find a practitioner who can help you to start identifying and releasing the emotions that are held in the organs, as well as the conflicts, beliefs and events that are linked to them.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experience around this and how this resonates with you. Please post any comments that you have below or you can email me.

Anna Carson

Kinesiologist, Damara Wellbeing

Anna Carson

Anna Carson is a Kinesiologist who supports spiritually-orientated women to uncover and clear the deeper emotional cause of physical conditions that they are experiencing to enable them to step into who they truly are here to be.

Anna lives near Wollongong, Australia with her husband and their 2 children. When she is not working she loves swimming in the ocean, cycling with her kids, exploring her local area or watering her veggies.

If this article resonated with you, and you would like to explore this further then you can book a 90 minute EBV and Heavy Metal Evaluation appt to find out how to support your body in its healing journey.