When your health keeps holding back your business…

Aligning your physical body with your soul potential…

Just as you feel that you might be getting somewhere, gaining some traction, making headway.. BAM!

Your body stops you. You fall ill again or have another relapse or head into burnout and overwhelm. And the progress is stopped.

I know this cycle all too well, not just from my clients, but from my own journey too.

For the past year I have also been battling. Knowing the depth and the importance of the work that flows through me, but unable to truly bring it together. Struggling with sharing it, believing in it, making myself visible and yet knowing deep inside that it had to come through.

And every time I thought I was making progress, I would go into overwhelm and burnout and retreat back, as though it was 2 steps forward, 2 steps back, a dance that was never ending.

Now things are shifting and opening up for me.

The energies of 2017 have been huge. So many of us feel the calling, feel the shifts that are happening on a personal and collective level and have been driven to clear and let go of so much of our baggage. Childhood trauma, limiting beliefs, ancestral patterns, vows, contracts and past life woundings. We are there, doing the work, and yet still, the possibilities sit just beneath the surface.

Will you ever be able to achieve what you know is possible?

Let me reassure you.

You will.

Your potential, your vision, your dreams, are all there, they are waiting for you. Waiting for you to be ready.

However, when your physical body is out of alignment with your soul potential, it struggles to be the container for all that you can sense you are here for. Your humanness and experiences in this lifetime have caused a contraction of your nervous system and your innate capabilities and this misalignment is showing up as physical illness or a debilitating condition.

Maybe you are having a flare up of a physical condition such as chronic fatigue, auto-immune conditions, thyroid issues, fibromyalgia, migraines. Or you just keep getting sick.

These reoccurring symptoms you experience are the physical manifestations of deep-held conflicts within that are literally stopping you in your tracks.

Your soul is calling for you to step up and live your truth, but your subconscious is scared.

There are fears around believing that you are an advancing soul, about moving out of this old paradigm and trusting your intuition, about your trust in yourself and your gifts and the safety of bringing these out into the world.

Difficulties trusting that you are truly a divine being and can love yourself, exactly as you are. Right now.

I know I have felt them too.

Therefore I would like to give you a few idea of things that you can do yourself, at any time, that can help start to bring your body back into alignment and allow your potential to shine forth.

1. Honour yourself and your physical body — by this I don’t just mean taking 10 minutes to sit down and have a cup of tea — what I mean is showering yourself in the love and attention that you deserve. By doing this you are truly nurturing the trust and belief in yourself.

2. Get out in nature, ground yourself, connect to Mother Earth. However, you like to do this, do this on a regular, if not daily basis. You can even listen to the Earths’ heartbeat, the Schumann Resonance 7.83hz to help with this. We need to be fully connected to Earth to be able to manifest into the physical realm.

3. Move your body — For life to exist, there needs to be movement. The more you move your body, whether in dance, exercise or play, the more life you can bring forth.

4. Lean back and go with the flow — by this I don’t mean be apathetic. We still need to be proactive. But feel into the energy behind your actions. It should come from inspiration rather than obligation. If you can trust that the universe has your back and is on your side and working for you rather than everything being down to you, then you can

5. Engage the support of a practitioner is able to help you to re-align your physical body to your innate abilities and capabilities.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experience around this and how this resonates with you. Please post any comments that you have below or you can email me.

With love

Anna Carson

Kinesiologist, Damara Wellbeing