On Momentum… and the Importance of Pause.

I’ve spent the last year thinking and writing down all the goals I’d hope to materialize in 2017 and despite a slightly rough start in the beginning of the year. They say the most amazing things happen after trying times — it’s definitely true. The mental and emotional hurdle of jumping two feet into the start up I’m working on especially has been a lot harder than I ever imagined — despite me feeling I was ‘ready’ to take on this new challenge, it’s been a constant self battle of wanting to break out and be heard, but with the fear of the unknown and pushing against a more traditional societal norm. And that feeling of rejection when being heard… Feeling that urge to move forward while ‘should-ing’ myself to stay back.

I finally started to feel a turning point sometime back in May when I decided to put my doubts and thoughts on hold and went into action-mode.

Momentum is my favourite word — it is so powerful. When you decide to make action, you are 3/4 of the way there to something amazing. Add that to the belief that what’s ahead is limitless vs. scary, that’s when you get this incredible movement. It’s a sweet combination of belief of opportunity, boosted with a dash of luck and a whole lot of timing.

And things started to take off, it all started to fall into place. I went through an accelerator program which was 6 weeks long, met some amazing people who became my ‘tribe’, started connected to some influential people in the Vancouver start up world, we bought a townhouse, we got a puppy… it all literally came at once. While overwhelming, it was such a great feeling.

The last couple of months have been crazy in a good way, lots of things moving forward and great things happening. I especially love when one conversation or meeting leads to another, and suddenly you find yourself in a place or situation that would’ve have never existed just a few days ago if you didn’t put yourself out there.

But, while momentum is so incredibly fantastic, it’s so important to also find a moment to take a step back and reflect. I often find myself in the thick of it all, exploring every opportunity — suddenly I’ve not written in a long time, my calendar is packed and I’m quite exhausted with my mind racing a million thoughts a minute. The stress and anxiety starts to creep in a bit, and slowly you find your internal balance of positivity vs. negativity tilt slightly to more focus on the things that aren’t happening all the while there are so many amazing things still materializing. That’s when you know, stop. Breathe. Pause.

If you are anything like me, life moves fast and we thrive off the thrill of momentum. It’s taken me a long time to realize that pause is not a weakness but rather a strength, something that takes more effort, more self-control than riding the momentum you created. I’m learning that to go against the wave to take 5 steps back and reflect is so critical to self-preservation, stamina and overall health and happiness. It also allows you take a moment to think and write about all the amazing things you’ve accomplished thus far, which is even MORE powerful than the momentum you set out to create itself.