TA101- An Ideal Course to Understand Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis or in short TA is a popular psychological theory originate by late Eric Berne as study of behavior, personality theory, and communication model. After Dr. Berne, many people tried to discover and refine the various concepts. The starting three ego states- Parent, Adult, and Child have been sub-divided into 9 new element models.

Parent stage is categorized as Normative and Nurturing Parent with positive and negative points. The Child stage is also divided into 2 states i.e. Adapted and Spontaneous Child with positive and negative aspects.

This theory is applied to various levels such as personality analysis, clinical side of therapy, organizational analysis, interpersonal communication, and group dynamics. Today, it is used in the field of recruitment, consulting, education, skills assessment, training, organization, psychological, and coaching. Transactional analysis can be recapitulated with various topics such as: adult ego state, nurturing parent, adapted child, normative parent, game, hurry up, injunction, intimacy, life position, life script, pastimes, spontaneous child, strokes, transactions, time structuring, try hard, and withdrawal.

TA101 Course

Those interested in advance developing their knowledge and skills in applying these concepts in any field may engage in Ta 101 Course which is the program for the internally approved excellent introduction to transactional analysis. The minimum duration of this course is 12 hours.

What ta101 course covers?

Two day experiential course includes the basic concepts of transactional analysis and usually given as the perfect blend of the presentation of the theoretical concepts, discussion, and various practical exercises. After the completion of the course, attendees are awarded with the internationally recognized certificate. However, any person becomes the participant at the program but it is highly recommended for those want to go on more learning and knowledge in transactional analysis.

The training is given by the internationally qualified and well-known trainers to a pre-set curriculum- whole range of TA concepts such as PAC (parent, adult, and child ego state); games people play, life script, and more. The other concepts that are unknown including stages of child development, characteristics working style, dependency relationships, and more are also discussed.

Who should become the attendee of this course?

A person who wishes to understand the way that helps to understand himself and other people, and develops the excellent ideas on psychological theories in an effective ways that can be easily applied should attend it. Those people who want to improve their healthy relationship or those engaged in the professional healthy relationship such as psychotherapist, consultant, coaches, HR professionals, social workers, managers, parents, and anyone else can become the participant and enjoy the session.

What would be the outcome of the course?

This course provides the regular and right information related to the concepts of TA. Over the two day course of ta101, a person learns regarding several vital aspects of TA, how the concepts help them understand themselves, other people, group dynamics, and more. By the end of the session, a participant is able to explain the basic theoretical concepts of TA, apply these to problem solving, and order the series of interpersonal behaviors and internal procedures using the key concepts.

With the growing popularity of Transactional analysis, it is not difficult today to find the reputed trainers. So, select the experienced and qualified trainer and meet your dream to understand TA.