Two Day TA 101 Course for Internationally Recognized Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis or TA is among one of the highest growing humanistic therapies, over the last 50 years. There are many people who are willing in learning about this theory and its concept. Eric Berne, the inventor of TA, in the late 1950s, would be happier and proud at its growth. He would surely please with the acceptance of this model of relationship, communication, transaction and behavior within the Therapeutic world in the 21st century.

It is widely used in counseling, psychotherapy, teaching and training, organizational consulting, and can be applied to various other aspects such as management and leadership, parenting skills, social worker, etc. TA provides the ability to know about anything that includes people communicating with each other.

In the last 50 years, TA Training programs have been developed all across the world because of its widely increasing popularity. Even in India, transactional analysis training has been increased in a very good number. Many trainers are provided the training for this theory but to avail the greater benefit, it is necessary to choose the professional expert who has the personal experience in dealing with the various situations of life and using the TA concepts in their actual life. Ta101 is the first step to make an entry into the transactional training as it gives the official introduction to TA.


This two day experiential workshop is the ideal course for the attendees to better know the concepts of transactional analysis and apply these in everyday life. Before starts learning this course, it is recommended to choose the trainer who has been teaching TA101 for many years. However, TA was originally developed with the main emphasis on pathology and therapy; TA101 course will show how a positive psychology approach alters the theories into strong models for the development rather than treatment.

Introduction to transactional analysis or TA is perfect choice for those who want to:

- Boost up the self awareness through self-analysis across various psychological frameworks.

- Improve the ability to recognize and work effectively with the group dynamics, teams, organizations, and families.

- Increase the abilities using psychological frameworks to determine others so that one can better find the most effective ways of communication.

- Learn in-depth about Transactional Analysis and get an insight into the key concepts.

Worldwide status of TA101

The label 101 is driven from education system of US to specify a basic course and is the usual mode of indicating to the globally accepted introduction to TA. Internationally qualified and certified trainers conduct this two day workshop. The course content includes a wide range of transactional analysis concepts: -

· Parent, Adult and Child (PAC)

· Games people play

· Transactions analysis and rules of communication

· Various strokes for different folks

· Time structure

· Life scripts

· Discounting and passivity

In two-day experiential workshop, a participant will learn about a range of elements of transactional analysis. A learner will be able to understand him or herself and other people.

​If you are interested in TA Training and especially the ta 101 course then contact to the professional transactional analysts making numerous transactional analysis practitioner the knowledgeable analysts.

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