Mirage, Floodland, Fair Isle and Holy Mountain Talk Branding, Art, and Independence

Farmhouse beers are rearing their funky head in Seattle, and they are standing out. More complicated to make, taking longer to ferment, and offering a wider range of flavor profiles, farmhouse beers have sparked a wave of interest. One indicator of the growing fascination is the meteoric rise of the annual Masonry’s Farmhouse festival, dedicated to showcasing the style. In its inaugural year, it was a casual -unticketed- gathering of like-minded drinkers in The Masonry’s (tiny, tiny) Lower Queen Anne location. This year, the festival’s fifth iteration, was held in the Masonry’s brand new, much bigger, Fremont space, and the…

Some days, you need a soundtrack to go along with Chad’s…opinion. If today is that day, give these fresh songs a listen. You deserve to feel supported when you tell the boy to figure it out and get his intersectional shit together. You also deserve to feel supported all of the other time — whenever you need them, these jams are for you.

  1. Doja Cat — Juicy

Doja Cat is the sharp, catchy, effortlessly self-loving artist you haven’t yet heard of. This song opens with the line “I keep it juicy juicy / I eat that lunch / I keep…

Anna Coumou

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