It’s Go ‘Thai’me

“If there was a drinking game for everytime someone ordered pad thai…I think I’d be drowning!”-Sierra, Thainamite, Milwaukee Public Market

Visiting Thynamite in the Milwaukee Public Market was a definite trip. I had the pleasure of meeting Sierra as she took my order (starting out meagerly with edamame and ending with the adventurous milwaukee roll), and we got to know each other. She was spunky and full of life and definitely loving her job on this particular day.

Thainamite loves offering a fun and adventurous place to enjoy a full thai experience. Most all of the chefs on staff are straight from Thailand, and English is their second language so the Thai experience here sure is authentic.

Edamame and the Milwaukee Roll….Mmmmmm…that’s good eatin’

Thainamite’s use of fish oil and oyster sauce in all their entrees and items gives it that distinct Thai flavor that so many love. Sierra spoke highly of their fresh ingredients and fish that are delivered to the market daily. In addition to sharing all of the fun kitchen ingredients Sierra also enjoys sharing her experienced of the regulars who come to take a seat at the bar almost everyday. In particular she recalls a gentlemen who, each morning, stops at the counter of Thainamite, browses the menu, walks away to take a loop around the market and comes back…ordering the same entree everyday: 4 unagi and fresh spring rolls. Sierra’s favorite by far is the mixed veggie roll — she never seems to grow tired of it she says.

Fresh Fish and Tofu

While every customer has their favorite (even me now) Sierra and the Sushi Chef both agree that the california roll and the pad thai are definitely the most popular items on the menu. She says, “most people order the pad thai or the california roll because they are the most basic. People think, ‘It’s adventurous because it’s thai food but still very safe.’”

Sierra says she and the staff love the location here at the market in addition to their location on Brady Street. She was delighted to answer any and all questions I had and even offered a little bit into the marvelous world of the market which includes a particular boy of interest at The Green Kitchen. “You definitely picked the best place to come and eat,” she says, “Here and The Green Kitchen are my ‘go-to’ places in the market…mostly cuz of the cute boy who works at The Green Kitchen and gives me free juice.”

Thanks Thainamite for a fun day at the Market!

Sierra brought me a whole lot of joy today and her stories will stay with me for a long time. Today I was brought outside my comfort zone and it was just what I needed. What a ‘thai’me to be alive!

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