Same Name, Different Stories.

I never know what to expect when I walk in the doors of Johnston Hall 300 every Tuesday night at five o’clock, but I am often pleasantly surprised. Tonight was no different — I turned to my left and met Annah, an avid lover and advocate for oreo cheesecake. She describes her essential love as “creamy goodness with heavenly chocolate.” Has your mouth started watering yet? Mmmmm….mine did! She has thoroughly convinced me to take a trip to the Cheesecake Factory and get myself a free slice on my birthday, December 5th. I can’t wait!

Amidst her love for oreo cheesecake she is also an admirer of HGTV, specifically the show Fixer Upper which is an all-time favorite show of mine too! She describes the hosts of the show, Chip and Joanna Gaines, as “So perfect. Life goals.” I can’t argue with that! When she’s not watching Fixer Upper, studying, or doing homework she loves hanging out with her friends here at Marquette. She recalled one of her favorite memories with her friends when they attended a Bastille concert in Chicago recently. She was so excited to tell me all about it and rave about their new album that was just released. I know what my next Spotify playlist will be!

Her friends are extremely important to her and her family even moreso. Annah stressed the importance of her family and friends’ unconditional love and support for her in all that she does. With that support she is excited for the future and hopes to travel to new places and gain new opportunities. Annah has some big dreams and is going to go to some great places with her joy and excitement for the world around her!

Along with these dreams comes a natural amount of fear for Annah. Similar to almost every college student, she freely expressed her fear of failure and her hesitation to even think about not having employment after college. College sure does have it’s terrifying moments; I can most definitely agree on that! But there is no doubt in my mind that Annah will go on to do some incredibly amazing things with the help of friends, family and a whole lot of oreo cheesecake. Today I am grateful for my wonderful classmate, Annah!

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