Doing something that scares me today

“Smell of Desire” by AskoLiimatainen

And desire lives in the heart, doesn’t it?

Does it?

Does it live in the throat

aching and sore and begging for honey to



drip so slow and

tender and


Does it live in the stomach

hollow with longing

with need

a cavernous melon

Does it live in the beads of sweat that form

on the small of her back



the moist upper lip

a raspberry splitting

as she licks and

parts them

Does it live beneath eyelids

heavy and hooded

raised just for a


jagged sea glass


across the room

Does it live under fingernails

dug into flesh

scratched across skin

an onion shedding

Does it live in the quiver of a

thigh brushed

so lightly

by trembling fingers like

the breath of a willow branch if

trees could breathe

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