When the Future Blair Baker Met Her Forever Mike Baker

This isn’t a story for the traditionalist. Nor, for the cynic. It’s not a typical millennial tale because the protagonists aren’t your typical millennials. And, that’s what makes it a story worth telling, worth hearing and worth remembering.

This is a story for the romantic.

One with no end but instead, lots of little beginnings. One showing how light can beam from the most unexpected places. One that exhibits a simple “yes” can open unimaginable doors. One that will be re-told to kids and grandkids. And above all else, one that confirms when in doubt — listen to your mother (and in Mike’s case, your sister.)

It all started with a phone call. Well, multiple to be precise. One that was ignored. One that was answered hastily. And, one that eventually sealed the deal.

See Mike was different from other guys our age. Simply put, he called. And, this was the first of many signs that this one was special. Then we witnessed his persistence. And, his acute ability to dodge Blair’s ultra-creative attempts at avoiding a date with him — at her mother’s behest, might I add.

What Mike might not know is I was on the other end of that phone call listening with an acute ear and an open heart. Through hand signals and multiple presses of the mute button, together Mike & I won Blair over. She wasn’t one to usually jump up and down about set-ups from her mother, but she had agreed to the date.

On September 18, 2015, Blair set out downtown in a Carolina blue scalloped sundress. This wasn’t just any warm Indian summer night in the south. For them, it would become the night.

Six hours later, she & I were in our living room — candles lit, warding off sleep — talking about one thing and one thing only. We were talking about him.

The guy that brought light. That allowed one “yes” to open new doors. The one that proved mothers & sisters really do know best.

As soon as Blair told me that evening, “Anna, he is the best person I have ever met. I now know him,” I knew this was the start of their non-traditional, hardly cynical love story.

She knew that night what we all will learn…it took one date with him for our Miss Independent, one-of-a-kind Blair Mikels to become our newly beloved Blair Baker.

He took her to country concerts. He cooked her dinners with his OWN cast-iron skillet. He went to Bible Study with John & Alex. He earned Mary’s approval. He shined at tailgates with old college friends. True to his character, he graciously welcomed her into his world, even after she protested, put up well-built fences. And, when she was ready, she delicately walked in.

Weeks later, one October morning she told me, “Anna, I’m going to marry that boy.” To the average observer, you would have said they were crazy. But to see her in that kitchen beaming, glowing with pure bliss — it was impossible to be a non-believer.

They were in love and time, of all things, was not going to slow them down.

On November 16, 2015, they were engaged. And here we are, less than a year from that warm September night when she was just a girl walking out a door only to walk back in full of love for this very special boy named Mike.

Mike & Blair’s Engagement Photos | Spring 2016