Anna French

stay and fight, or flight?

My friend who works as a middle school principle on the east coast, whom I’ve known since birth as our mothers were besties from the time of their pregnancies with us, said this:

“I spoke with my doctor in North Carolina yesterday about whether or not she thinks NC will follow suit with their southern compatriots and she straight up said ‘the legislation makes miscarriage also illegal, which means any woman who has a miscarriage could be convicted as a felon negating their voting rights.’”

Good shit America.



sent from my iphone straight to you from hell

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Text from my friend who wants me to move her from the desert to my house near the rainforest in 30 days..

friend: I hate it here! Look, an almost 2 in Cicada killer wasp

me: I’m getting you, don’t worry… cicadas don’t hurt you though. It’s a lot of science education all around you. Enjoy it while you’re there. You’ll be ok. xo

friend: That’s the name of the wasp because they kill cicadas. It’s not a cicada. please get me out of this hell hole!

me: oh! It’s a wasp? I thought it was a cicada. Yikes! Fuck that thing!

don’t actually fuck it though

I’m saying that because there’s a warning that went out telling women not to put wasps in their vaginas.

friend: Under penalty of law, of course!



Sadly, this might be a new thought for many.

Photo by Trude Jonsson Stangel on Unsplash

Knowing when to keep your mouth shut is powerful, I suppose.

People who sit high on the hog, talking about people below them like they’re

pieces of shit..

will deal with karma later, with their debt filling up the toilet.

I know my best chess move is to keep my mouth closed,

since avoidant personalities don’t take responsibility for walking on


that’s just how that goes.

So when oppressors take jabs at the expense of people in lower classes

and my anger grows,

This is how I’ll see them while they’re looking down their fugly ass nose.