Your self-worth is not connected to your productivity

Black man rests by his window while looking at his phone.
Black man rests by his window while looking at his phone.
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If you’re taking a break from working right now, how are you feeling?

Do you feel vaguely unproductive? A little guilty for resting? Is your brain saying: If you get back to work and produce you’ll feel fulfilled?

That’s internalized capitalism for you. Capitalism is a centuries-old system, but considering how the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the economy and many people’s employment situations, it’s not surprising if you find yourself feeling this sting acutely.

“Internalized capitalism is a revision of the protestant work ethic,” explains Brooklyn-based psychotherapist Nikita Banks, author of Finding Happy. “It is this idea that to be…

Bad dreams seem to be on the rise. But what you’re experiencing at night may depend on how you’re living right now.

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In my recent dreams, I often find myself in filthy, broken-down bathrooms with stall walls that are too short and doors that don’t lock. I try to find a place to pee in private, but I never can. Other people can see me using the bathroom. I am panicked and embarrassed.

The dream has happened enough times that I started poking around to find out whether others were experiencing especially vivid bad dreams right now. In my search, I came across the blog I Dream of Covid — run by Bay Area resident Erin Gravley, who was interested in seeing…

Anna Gragert

Anna Gragert is a writer, editor, and content strategist who has worked with publications such as Teen Vogue, Bust, LAist, Catapult, and more.

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