How to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working?

Anna here
Anna here
Aug 20, 2019 · 2 min read

Spotify allows you to listen to the latest songs, albums and playlists without even downloading them. Sometimes its users face the issue like Spotify web player not working which is very annoying. To find out the fixes for this problem, continue to read on.

Clear out Flash DNS and cache

Clearing out computer’s cache and flash DNS refreshes your DNS cache and the next time you log into Spotify web-player, its domain name gets properly registered. So, f you notice that your Spotify web player is launching and working fine but you are not able to play music, try flushing DNS cache on your system.

If you are using Windows 10, hit Win+R and then enter “ipconfig/flushdns”.

When Spotify web player is loading but is not able to play songs then use tis quick fix. Select an album you want to play and click on the three-dots icon next to the song you want to listen from that album. Now select “copy song link” and paste it into the address bar of your browser. After hitting enter you should be able to play the song.

If you are using Spotify in multiple devices then also this happens. Follow these steps to fix that:

· Open Spotify from your phone or tablet.

· Go to settings then devices.

· Now try to switch between different devices displayed before clicking on “web player” as the option to listen on.

· These steps trigger web player to work properly again.

· In Spotify web player, select “Connect” button from the bottom right. Check that “This web player” is selected.

If Spotify web player is not working at all, clear all the cookies in your browser. Go to the settings and then privacy or history. Clear all the cookies from here and restart your browser. This will surely work for you.

Another main thing is to check your internet connection. Your internet connection should be strong with high speed. Also check the anti-virus and Firewall settings if they have blocked the service. Disable any Antivirus and Firewalls on your system.

By updating your browser, you may overcome many issues. Look for the latest version of your browser and update it. If it is too old, uninstall it and remove. Again, download the latest version of your browser online and install it.

Try all the above fixes until are able to solve your problem.

    Anna here

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    Anna here

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