Annah’s Reflection for Week 3

What did I struggle with the most this week: This week’s activity required out of the box thinking and curiosity. When I was writing the first set of questions, I felt very stuck and could only write eight. I found that I was starting most of my questions with “what” and they were very general. I was trying too hard to have an outside perspective when I should have focused on the things that are interesting about humans. After moving around and finding a new environment to write in, I used my old questions to inspire new ones. It was much easier to complete the second set of questions because the wheels were turning and I had new scenery.

What progress did I make: This activity was sneaky because it tricked me into thinking in with a different mindset and asking different types of questions rather than simply asking what. It made me think about what would be interesting to ask a normal person besides just the general information people mainly ask. Also the interview portion of class helped me to realize how conversation can take over. Although the interview was meant to help lead our writing for the day, we often went off on tangents from the initial questions. The conversation took lead of the assignment and we didn’t have to solely base our questions off of our lists. I felt like I got to know other people in the class which often doesn’t happen in most classes.

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