Intergalactic Interview with Anna

Earth is so close, yet so far from my home of Mars. When I finally got the chance to visit, I encountered a young woman named Anna from a place they call Marquette University. Not knowing much about the planet and its inhabitants, I asked Anna about the way of life on Earth and its peculiar features.

I first asked Anna about how she spends her time and what she likes to do. She said she spends most of her time doing homework and working three jobs! She is a babysitter, nanny, and Marcus Cinema intern. While working at her internship yesterday, Anna was locked on the 20th floor of the building for over an hour thinking she would have to sleep there for the night! When she’s not working, Anna enjoys playing piano, singing, and photography.

I also asked Anna about the greatest lesson she has learned in life. She replied that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and taking risks although they might be terrifying is her greatest lesson. She learned this lesson last summer working at a place called Camp Grovefest. At camp, she was pushed her out of her comfort zone everyday by doing activites like zip-lining, white water rafting, and rock climbing. There were new thrills everyday which helped her to grow as a person and take more risks.

Coming from Mars, I was also very interested in what humans eat. Apparently there is a wide array of food on Earth unlike my home. Some of Anna’s favorite things to eat are hamburgers with mustard, pickles, and a little bit of ketchup. She especially enjoys burgers from Red Robin. Anna’s all time favorite food is potatoes because you can eat them in many ways like mashed or fried.

One of the first things I noticed when landing on Earth is the odd smell of Milwaukee. Anna says it comes from the mix of the breweries and the lake. She compared it to the smell of a wet dog or garbage, but I don’t know if that is a bad thing.

Finally, I asked what’s Earth’s biggest problem. Anna said the Earth has many problems, but she thinks that it could be helped by people being more grateful of what they have. She said by paying more attention to others and the Earth, people would be less selfish and could fix many issues.

Coming to Earth has been one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. Anna helped me to understand much more about humans and this new place. It was a pleasure to visit my neighboring planet and its inhabitants, especially Anna.

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