Reflection Week 4

What did I struggle with the most this week: This week’s activity required the ability to pay attention to surroundings, asking questions, and active listening which is much more difficult at the Public Market than our normal classroom. First of all, the Public Market is filled with unfamiliar things, people, and scenery which made paying attention to detail hard because there were so many details to notice. Secondly, asking questions was an uncomfortable task to do at the Public Market. In our classroom, we understand why we are talking to each other and asking strange questions. When in a real life scenario, like at the Public Market, it is less expected of people to randomly ask someone questions. Having to approach an employee working was an awkward task that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Finally, active listening is hard to do at the Public Market when there is much external noise. At a place with so many people, sounds, and smells, it is very easy to become distracted, so paying close attention when interviewing the employee was difficult.

What progress did I make: Although difficult, speaking to the employee of Soup and Stock Market gave me great insight on what reporting and interviewing strangers is like. I normally would never have to do anything like this since I am aiming to be a graphic designer, not a reporter, but being forced to speak to strangers often reveals a lot about both the interviewer and interviewee. By interviewing Frank and asking him questions, I learned a lot more about what the Public Market and his store is like, as well as his personal thoughts on things. These activities always push me out of my comfort zone but help me improve my communication skills.

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