The Marketing Autobot: Part 1 — Growing your Tribe

I’ll keep it short and sweet. Amassing a colossal number of Instagram followers takes a lot of manual work. I’ve been experimenting with a little tool called Instagress —designed to help you promote your Instagram account for more followers, likes, and comments. I’ve since acquired in excess of 400+ followers in the background over a week with a little more labour than some auto-scheduled insta-content and a few spare pennies.

Unlike purchasing random Instagram followers, Instagress is targeted mining. It only works as good as your content. Request the tool to follow those with interests aligned to your brand, similar brands, targeted hashtags and many other settings to optimise your tribe. In addition to this, Instagress can auto-unfollow you at a steady and subtle rate.

I’ve heard of similar tools, but yet to have a play:

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