Gus Bill Takes Street Art To Another Level With His Unique Eye-Heart Character

If you happen to visit Brebes in central Java, one thing will catch your attention straight away. As soon as you walk out of the train station, you will see colorful mural with unique eye-heart character. Than you will find another mural with the same character next to your hotel and on many streets in this Javanese town. You will probably start wondering who is the artist. Although you might not know his name yet, but his artworks are truly unique and memorable.

Watch the video on YouTube :

The artist name is Gus Bill and he is living and painting murals in Brebes as well as other Javanese cities. The eye-heart character called matahati can be found in all his works. Matahati symbolizes soul or conscience of human being. The rest of the face stays covered to express totality in art, the same as for artist during performance. When creating Gus Bill is using his unique imagination and improvisation together with his natural talent and passion for art. In his work, organic forms are fused with ornaments and symbols. Vibrant colors are leaving viewer amazed and impressed.