Day 3 - Ke garne?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I awoke around 7:30am and like all other days, this one began with tea. It was my first day of orientation and Nepali language course with another volunteer from the U.S. Her name is Becca and I knew almost right away that we would get along well. The Nepali language is so foreign to me but after our first lesson, it seemed fairly straightforward. For lunch, I ate dal bhat with Naresh and his wife Manjari. They offered me a spoon but I said I wanted to eat with my hands like them, so they taught me how. The food was delicious: pickled aubergines, green veggies and potato, green lentil soup, and a generous portion of rice. I ate extra servings and wiped my plate clean. To my relief, Naresh said, “you passed” and we laughed. In the afternoon, we headed downtown for a tour of Pokhara and went to a dress store to meet Manjari who would help Becca and I pick out our Kurta Suruwals. There were so many beautiful patterns and after picking out and viewing all the ones that we liked, we finally chose our patterns, bought the fabric, and then got measured. We would be back on Friday to pick them up. In the evening just before dinner, Naresh and I motorbiked (my first time on one!) to the lakeside to retrieve a small bag that I stupidly forgot in the guest house in Thamel. While waiting, we got caught in the rain and found shelter outside a store where the owner kindly offered us 2 chairs to sit on. Sitting in comfortable silence, apart from the heavy rainfall, Naresh said, “ke garne?” which he taught me meant, “what to do?” We sat for a long while watching the sheets of rain fall on the ground and although it was cloudy, the sun was still up behind it and brightened the scenery. The dense, lush greens in front of me were quite a sight and I thought to myself, if it wasn’t for the scorching hot sun during the day that I’ve complained about and the massive rainfall leftover from monsoon season, I wouldn’t have this amazing view in front of me.

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