Day 6 - MoMo

Friday, September 12, 2014

Today was my last day staying with Naresh and Manjari as I would be moving in with my new host family on Saturday. After our Nepali language lesson, we had tea, bread, and rice pancakes with maple syrup that I had brought for them from Canada (I had mentioned that it went well with pancakes). In the afternoon, we went to pick up our Kurta Suruwals and run some errands. Because it was my last dinner with them, Becca joined us in the evening and we made MoMo. Manjari finally let me help her in the kitchen and all four of us prepared dinner together. MoMo is a kind of dumpling with veggies or meat inside and it is usually steamed. Manjari showed me how to fold them the Tibetan way and then the Nepali way, and I showed her how to do it the Korean way for mandu. She steamed them and we ate them with Nepali bean soup and tomato chutney. For me, food has always tasted better when you make it yourself, and it was no different this time as we all ate until we were full. Over dinner, we spoke about our own home foods and then continued our conversation into the living room. Manjari and Naresh meditate daily and Manjari spoke a lot about it: what it does for her, what it means for her, and why she goes. It was refreshing to hear such a modern way of thinking and I wholeheartedly agreed. It really made me look forward to my meditation course in the coming months.

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