From what to begin your wedding plan?

How everything got started…I visited 8 weddings in my life, but any of it didn’t look like ideal one. There is my wedding blog, first steps how to create your unforgettable wedding!

After you chose the date of the ceremony, you could start with the choice of events hall. You have to mention how many people and what style and decor would be. For example, if the restaurant is already decorated in violet color, it would be poor decision to chose the same tone. Don’t forget to set up a contract and to pay an advance payment! Lifehack: reserve a place in the fridge for the wedding cake.

If the restaurant disposes of the place for accommodation for guests, then also have to arrange, to book it and to set up another contract!

The next step is the choice of wedding contractors: photographer, videographer, master of ceremonies and so on. And obligatory to pay them beforehand to be sure that they would come and not miss your celebration.

On the third place — decoration. When you speak with the decorator, you fill in the special form, where you mention all your interests, will help to add some body and to make your wedding more unusual and memorable.Lifehack: to make invitation cards in the same style;)

Cars. Nowadays there is a great choice of cars, it wouldn’t be a problem to order the desired one, only if you don’t need a retro car.

Wedding dance performance. You should start training in 1–2 months, in general, you need around 5 classes. Your dance would depend on the size of restaurant hall, your dress.

The sixth point is cake. It is the tastiest and not less important part of the wedding. You need to choose the mincemeat, form, and size. Discuss the way how the cake would be delivered and if the pastry man would assist it in a case of “epic fail”. Lifehack: if you want to make is visually bigger, like the triple deck cake, use the moulage floor.

Of course, wedding dress, rings should stand in the higher position, but it is better to choose in 2 months.You can easily lose the weight while you are getting ready for the wedding. And if the bride is pregnant, then to choose it not earlier than in 3 weeks.

The last one is the hairstylist and make up artist.The try-out of your style should be in 3–4 weeks. When you know that you are ready for your wedding, you have dress, wedding bouquet and all other details.

There are the main steps of planning your WEDDING!

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