Mobile Shifts in last one and half decade, and the next half decade

For last one and half decade we all witnessed surprising changes in the technology of Mobile phone and its penetration into the users worldwide. Now the expectation of the users has been changing day-by-day in an exponential rate in terms of the device innovation, network and different types of innovative applications and product designs. Over the last decade the mobile user’s traffic has been increased 6000 times and the last fifteen years the user’s traffic has been increased six million times. And the average Smartphone user nowadays carries a mobile computer device which is more powerful than 20 PCs from 2000 and at the same time the handset device from last one and half decade which has been transformed in terms of usage from texting and calling to devices with the capabilities of texting, calling, banking, shopping, learning, pictures and video capturing and many more right!

The brief highlights of the mobile phone journey witnessed in last decades.

The motto of the cellular voice device in 1973 was placed with the words “guess where I am calling from?”, mobile phones are stared available commercially from 1979 onwards but those days the mobile devices where not that popular as the equipment is very expensive and heavy. The battery used in those equipments where Nickel Cadmium which was so heavy for the mobile handsets. By early 1990’s the lithium batteries made a great breakthrough across the mobile device industries because of its light weight and less expensive. In those days the mobile devices come up with the option of 2G GSM technology with limited data services such as text messaging and paging.

By late 1990 there was a big shift was witnessed within the mobile industries in the form of GPRS which made the users easy to make calls share graphic rich data as packets and send text messaging. The mobile phone voice call was the dominant voice application in this period but still the billions of text messages has been shared by the users across the globe each day. By 2003 the introduction of first Smartphone by Blackberry which added the mail option to the mix of text messaging, due to the introduction of blackberry’s keyboard options helps its users to type longer messages. The next decades after 2005 it were an explosive innovation era in the mobile phone industries. The launch of “iPhones” in the year 2007 made a big change as its users experienced rich options in terms of new applications. Not only iPhone played a big role in the change of mobile phone industry but also other factors to be considered such as mobile network competition which leads to easy access to the data such as 3G and 4G and the boom of social media network and the availability of social media apps in the form of inbuilt apps in new mobiles.

Now the 4G network available on mobile phones created a great leap in the mobile industry as people are hurry in changing their devices to upgraded one in which they could access the 4G and the most anticipated 5G network. While the focus is on the mobile phones and tablets but the other range of products also using the benefit of this enhanced data network such as GoPro action camera, Drones, Home security, Video and digital camera and many other connected devices which increase the mobile data traffic. (For more info check the following tablet reviews)

The Mobile network operators playing an inevitable role in the upcoming of mobile industry, as they were coming up with much creative plans for data usage and free usage of some applications using their mobile data plans and other offers which users cannot miss without trying once.

The next five years will be something cannot wait to watch because of the next level digital innovations in the field of information technology and communication. The most anticipated 5G technology will make a great shift in terms of mobile data users and traffics within the online arena. Users will focus more on the speed and accessibility data. The drivers of the future will be data, high speed connections, user centric gadgets and the availability of new applications. The usage of mobile data and mobile gadget will definitely penetrate more than seven fold due to the availability data connections through advance public WiFi hotspots, home Wifi and free data availability as a part of marketing efforts. Due to the boom in this industry which leads the mobile phone pricing also came down drastically.

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